Working Conferences

This is a standard means of IFIP-activity: 50-70 experts meet to discuss and advance a narrow technical subject area. The proceedings of a working conference appear as a book.

The following working conferences have so far been arranged by WG 2.5 on behalf of Technical Committee 2 of IFIP.

  1. Performance evaluation of numerical software. 1978
  2. The Relationship between numerical computation and programming languages. 1981
  3. PDE Software: Modules, Interfaces and Systems. 1983
  4. Problem solving environments for scientific computing. 1985
  5. Aspects of computation on asynchronous parallel processors. 1988
  6. Programming environments for high-level scientific problem solving. 1991
  7. The Quality of Numerical Software: Assessment and Enhancement. 1996
  8. Software Architectures for Scientific Computing Applications. 2 - 4 October 2000 in Ottawa, Canada.
  9. Grid-based Problem Solving Environments: Implications for Development and Deployment of Numerical Software. July 17 - 21, 2006 in Prescott, Arizona, USA.
  10. Uncertainty Quantification in Scientific Computing, Boulder, Colorado, USA (1 - 4 August 2011)
    Conference web site for Wo Co 10

Last modified: May 21, 2014