Working Conference on "PDE Software: Modules, Interfaces and Systems"

A Working Conference "PDE Software: Modules, Interfaces and Systems" was held in Söderköping, Sweden, 22-26 August 1983, with John R. Rice as conference chairman. This conference focused on the importance of developing PDE (Partial Differential Equations) software as a system in a modular fashion with careful attention to the interfaces involved. The consequences of this viewpoint were explored, including topics like specialized languages, natural interfaces, classification of modules, necessity of special techniques, generality, mixing of different methods in one program, portability versus efficiency. There were sessions on Problem Description, Finite Element Systems, Elliptic and Parabolic Problems, Hyperbolic and Mixed Problems, Algebraic Computation, Parallel Computation, Software Evaluation, and an open session.

The proceedings, edited by Björn Engquist and Tom Smedsaas, were published by North-Holland in 1984. ISBN 0-444-87620-0.

The proceedings were dedicated to the memory of N. N. Yanenko.

The list of contents is available.

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