IFIP Working Group 2.5 (Numerical Software)

In 1974 IFIP established the Working Group on "Numerical Software" under the auspices of its Technical Committee on "Programming" (now "Software: Theory and Practice"). The group started with 13 members and has since grown to a membership of 29 full members and 24 affiliate members.

According to IFIP policy, members do not represent their countries, national societies, or the like. The group's first chairmen were James C. T. Pool (1974-1978), Bo Einarsson (1978-1983), John K. Reid (1983-1988), L. D. Fosdick (1988-1994), Mladen A. Vouk (1994-1997), Margaret H Wright (1997-2000), Ronald F Boisvert (2000-2012). The present chair is Ronald Cools.

The following mode of work has been established within WG 2.5:

  1. Working group meetings
  2. The group meets roughly once a year (40 meetings so far). At these meetings, areas of activity and the proper means of achieving results are defined. Reports on current or completed activities are given and discussed.

    The Working Group has met in several places.

  3. Projects
  4. Most activities take the form of projects. One or several members of the group assume the responsibility to pursue a given subject matter in collaboration with other scientists in the field. Results of projects are either published through standard channels or, in special cases, may take the form of an IFIP-document.

    A web page describing these projects is now available.

  5. Working Conferences
  6. This is a standard means of IFIP-activity: 50-70 experts meet to discuss and advance a narrow technical subject area. The proceedings of a working conference appear as a book.

Last modified: October 31, 2014