Workshop on current directions
in numerical software
and high performance computing
10月19日/20日 京都国際交流会館にて

京阪電鉄京津(けいしん)線 蹴上(けあげ)駅下車
もしくはJR京都駅/阪急河原町駅より 5系統バス(岩倉方面行)にて法勝寺町(ほっしょうじちょう)下車
(周辺地図はこちら(GIF, 20k))

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Morning session(Chairman: Shimasaki, Kyushu University)

9.20-10.00   Bo Einarsson (Linkoping University, Sweden)
             Mixed Language Programming. Part 4, Mixing ANSI-C with
             Fortran 77 or Fortran 90

10.00-10.40   Tetsuro Yamamoto (Ehime University)
	     Nonlinear SOR-like Methods and their Applications
10.40-11.10  コーヒーブレイク

11.10-11.50  Ulrich Kulisch (Universitat Karlsruhe, Germany)
             A New Vector Arithmetic Coprocessor Chip for the PC

11.50-12.30  Mitsuhiro Nakao (Kyushu University)
             Guaranteed Error Bounds for the Finite Element Solutions
             of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
12.30-1.30   昼休み

Afternoon session(Chairman: Gaffney, Bergen Software Services International,
1.30-2.10    John Rice (Purdue University, U.S.A.)
             Problem Solving Environments for Scientific Computing

2.10-2.50    Kokichi Sugihara (University of Tokyo)
             Combinatorial Abstraction --- A New Paradigm for Robust
             Geometric Computation

2.50-3.20    コーヒーブレイク

3.20-4.00    Wayne Enright (University of Toronto, Canada)
             Reliable Error Control for ODE Methods

4.00-4.40    Shun Doi, Hideo Fujio, and Kouta Sugihara (NEC C&C Research 
             FEEL: A Simulation Language for Finite Element Analysis

4.40-5.20    David Gay and Eric Grosse (AT&T, U.S.A.)
             d1mach revisited : no more uncommenting DATA statements

6.00-        ディナーパーティ


Morning session (Chairman: Grosse, AT&T, U.S.A.)

9.20-10.00    Brian Ford (NAG, U.K.)
              The New NAG Numerical PVM Library
             (or A New Parallel Numerical Library Based on PVM)

10.00-10.40   Takaaki Nishida (Kyoto University)
              Bifurcation Problems for Equations of Fluid Dynamics
              and Computer Assisted Proof

10.40-11.10  コーヒーブレイク

11.10-11.50  Hans Stetter (Technische Universitat Wien, Austria)
             The Use of Algebraic Algorithms in Scientific Computing

11.50-12.30  Seiji Fujino (Hiroshima City University)
             High-Order Difference Schemes by Modification of the Right-Hand
             Side of 3D Poisson's Equation to Parallel Computations

12.30-1.30   昼休み

Afternoon session(Chairman: Yamamoto, Ehime University)

1.30-2.10    M.A. Vouk, R. Balay, and J. Amborosiano (North Carolina State 
             University, U.S.A.)
             EDSS - An Environment for Large-Scale Numerical Computing and
             Decision Making

2.10-2.50    Kohshi Okumura (Kyoto University)
             On the Applications of Interval Arithmetic Electrical Network

2.50-3.20    コーヒーブレイク

3.20-4.00    John Reid (Rutherford Appleton Lab., U.K.)
             Exception Handling in Fortran (presented by Bo Einarsson)

4.00-4.40    Y. Okabe, M. Nakamura, and T. Tsuda (Kyoto University)
             New Fast Algorithms for First-Order Linear Recurrences  on
             Vector Computers