Photo album from Kyoto, Japan

WG 2.5 meeting and workshop

17 - 20 October, 1995

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JP A Japanese Photo album is also available.

Official photo:

  Kyoto International Community House (186 k bytes)   Meeting venue

Photos by Bo Einarsson:

  Chairman Mladen Vouk (99 k bytes)

  Brian Ford (22 k bytes)

  Takao Tsuda (35 k bytes)

  Masaaki Shimasaki (14 k bytes)

  Ulrich Kulisch (108 k bytes)

  Mitsuhiro Nakao (37 k bytes)

  John Rice (45 k bytes)

  Wayne Enright (57 k bytes)

  Shun Doi (36 k bytes)

  Mrs. Rice, Mrs. Gaffney, Pat Gaffney (78 k bytes)

  Brian Ford, Mrs. Stetter, Mladen Vouk, Hans Stetter (116 k bytes)

  Mrs. Houstis, Eric Grosse (62 k bytes)

  Elias Houstis (secretary WG 2.5) (58 k bytes)

Photos by Mrs. Gaffney:

  Mrs. Houstis, Mrs. Gaffney, Mrs. Rice, Mrs. Stetter (105 k bytes)

  Mrs. Gaffney, Mrs. Stetter, Mrs. Rice, Mrs. Houstis (154 k bytes)

  Mrs. Rice, Mrs. Houstis, Mrs. Gaffney (78 k bytes)

  The driver/guide and Mrs. Stetter (110 k bytes)

  Mrs. Stetter (78 k bytes)

  Mrs. Houstis and the driver/guide (131 k bytes)

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