Document IFIP/WG 2.5 (Boulder-12) 3812
Revision of IFIP/WG 2.5 (Copenhagen-12) 2012
Revision of IFIP/WG 2.5 (Karlsruhe-12) 1812
Revision of IFIP/WG 2.5 (Harwell-29) 729

Original document (Harwell-29) agreed at Harwell meeting, May 1980.

  1. Qualifications for Membership

    Any individual proposed for potential membership in IFIP WG 2.5 should have made a substantial contribution to numerical software (for example, active and personal participation in a numerical software project).

    An individual will not be eligible for consideration if there are already two other members of the working group from his or her institution or if 50 % of the membership of the group is from his or her country of permanent residence. In the event of a need for a precise interpretation of this sentence, the chairman will make a ruling after consulting the other officers.

  2. Full and Affiliate Members

    The concept of affiliate members has been added for those qualified individuals that have difficulty in attending meetings. Also, people retiring from full membership can chose to become an affiliate member.

  3. Election Procedures

    All matters relating to the candidature of a prospective member of the working group are strictly confidential.

    Any member of WG 2.5 may nominate a candidate for membership in WG 2.5. Members may request to become affiliate members. The request is subject to voting of the group.

    Nominations must be given to the vice-chair with a curriculum vitae of the candidate at least six weeks prior to the meeting at which the voting will take place.

    The vice-chair will distribute the nomination, together with the curriculum vitae and other supporting documents, to the membership of WG 2.5 at least one month prior to voting.

    At elections and votes the quorum is always half of the number of full membership. Affiliate members are not permitted to vote on candidates for full membership, and cannot become officers of the group, but in all other respects have the same rights as full members.

    Voting on nominees will be done only by secret ballot at a WG 2.5 meeting. A member of WG 2.5 who is unable to attend a meeting to vote may designate another WG 2.5 member as a proxy and must inform the chair of this designation before the meeting.

    A nominee will be approved if the number of YES votes the nominee receives is a majority of the votes cast and the number of NO votes does not exceed one third of the votes cast.

    All nominees so approved shall be proposed to the chair of TC 2 for appointment as members of the working group.

  4. Alternative Election Procedure

    If a nomination of a new member is done more than six months prior to the next working group meeting an alternative election process via email is available in order to make the whole process faster.

    All nominees so approved shall be proposed to the chair of TC 2 for appointment as members of the working group.

End of document IFIP/WG 2.5 (Boulder-12) 3812.
Last modified: August 5, 2011